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  • Fishy Extremes

    Fishy Extremes0

    There’s a big, bright, beautiful world beneath the surface of the ocean, just brimming with life. Some fish display a rainbow of colours, and some like to blend in with the sand. Some enjoy nibbling on plants, while others are fierce predators. But one thing is for certain: there are some incredible extremes of life

  • What’s in a name?

    What’s in a name?0

    Most people know that a baby dog is called a puppy and a baby cat is called a kitten. But some baby animals have names that you would never expect! For example, pup is a very popular word: armadillos, bats, coyotes, dogs, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, moles, otters, prairie dogs, seals, sharks, and squirrels

  • What is the fastest animal?

    What is the fastest animal?0

    The has big nostrils to let it take in lots of air, and a big heart to pump blood fast when it’s running. And unlike most big cats, it can’t roar – but it is the biggest cat that can purr! But there is an animal that can move even faster than the cheetah. You

  • How do snakes get around with no feet?

    How do snakes get around with no feet?0

    If you’ve ever watched a snake slithering through the undergrowth, you might wonder how they manage to get around so well without feet. It’s all thanks to the snake scales! If you look at a snake’s skeleton, you can see that a snake’s body is mostly ribs (except for the head and tail). Each rib

  • Which plant flowers itself to death?

    Which plant flowers itself to death?0

    Flowers are one of the most beautiful things found in nature. They add splashes of colour to a garden and often perfume the air with sweetness. But what are flowers actually for? Flowers are what trees need in order to reproduce. It’s hard to tell, but plants actually have male and female parts. In order

  • Which animal is a living fossil?

    Which animal is a living fossil?0

    400 million years ago, the oceans on the planet looked very different than they do now. One strange inhabitant of these oceans was a fish called a coelacanth: it had giant blue scales and four fins that stuck out from its body on lobes. When it swam, it would move these fins much like a


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