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  • Why does our breath stink in the morning?

    Why does our breath stink in the morning?0

    Have you ever wondered why, even though you brush your teeth at night, your breath always smells bad in the morning? It’s because bad breath is actually caused by tiny organisms living in your mouth! Bacteria are one of the smallest living things in the world, and our bodies have over a trillion bacteria living

  • Which primate jumps the farthest?

    Which primate jumps the farthest?0

    The current world record for the long jump is held by Mike Powell from the USA, who jumped 29.4 feet in 1968. That’s about 5 times the length of an average human man. That’s pretty far! But there is another member of the primate family that can leave that record in the dust. An African

  • More that meets the eye

    More that meets the eye0

    Here’s a neat trick to try: hold up the index fingers of both hands, and tip your hands so that your index fingers are pointing at each other with a small space between them. Make sure your fingers are at the same level as your eyes. Now focus your eyes on the wall across from

  • Which insects work for museums?

    Which insects work for museums?0

    Have you ever looked at the thousands of bones on display at a museum and wondered how the museum scientists managed to clean them all? The truth is, if the scientints had to clean all the bones in a museum by hand, nothing would ever be ready to display. Fortunately, the scientists have some helpers

  • Did you know that seahorses can dance?

    Did you know that seahorses can dance?0

    One of the most fragile and beautiful fish in the ocean is the tiny seahorse. Seahorses are remarkable animals, in more ways than one. But one of the most amazing things about them is that seahorses can dance! Seahorses mate for life. When a seahorse finds the mate, the two seahorses begin a complicated series

  • Do vampire bats really suck your blood?

    Do vampire bats really suck your blood?0

    There are over 1000 different kinds of bats in the world. Most of them are insect eaters. Some eat fruit, some drink nectar from flowers, and a few eat small animals like mice. Out of all those bats, there are only three species that actually feed on blood! All three kinds of vampire bats live


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