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  • Did you know that there’s a fish with four eyes?

    Did you know that there’s a fish with four eyes?0

    Take a look at your eyes in a mirror. What do you see? Humans have a white part of the eye, a coloured iris, and a dark pupil in the centre. The pupil is actually a hole in your eye that lets light in so that you can see. But in Central and South America,

  • Which animal sees with its nose?

    Which animal sees with its nose?0

    Your eyes are what let you see the world so that you know what’s going on around you. But imagine that you lived in tunnels underground where no light could reach. You would have to come up with another way of sensing what was around you. And that’s exactly what the star-nosed mole does! Star-nosed

  • Which mammal has the longest tongue?

    Which mammal has the longest tongue?0

    Try sticking out your tongue as far as it can go. Can you touch your chin with it? How about your nose? Some people can! Can you touch your ears with it? An anteater could clean its ears with its tongue. But there is one mammal who has an even longer tongue than that! The

  • More that meets the eye

    More that meets the eye0

    Here’s a neat trick to try: hold up the index fingers of both hands, and tip your hands so that your index fingers are pointing at each other with a small space between them. Make sure your fingers are at the same level as your eyes. Now focus your eyes on the wall across from

  • Which insects work for museums?

    Which insects work for museums?0

    Have you ever looked at the thousands of bones on display at a museum and wondered how the museum scientists managed to clean them all? The truth is, if the scientints had to clean all the bones in a museum by hand, nothing would ever be ready to display. Fortunately, the scientists have some helpers

  • Do you know which snake plays dead?

    Do you know which snake plays dead?0

    Everyone knows that dogs can be trained to play dead. But did you know that a snake has picked up the trick as well? The hognose snake is a great actor. It’s a harmless snake, but when it feels threatened, it will rear back, hiss, and flatten out its head into a hood, just like


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