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  • What causes acid rain?

    What causes acid rain?0

    Let’s have a look at what causes acid rain. Damaged buildings, dying plants and fish – These are some of the acid rain effects! But do you know what acid rain is? It is rain or any other participates from the atmosphere such as fog, mist, hale or snow that is more acidic than normal

  • What causes lightning?

    What causes lightning?0

    Lightning is bright and lightning is fast, when you blink the lightning bolt has already past. Before we look at what causes lightning, let’s first think about the question “what is lightning?” Lightning is an electric current that can form inside thunder clouds, between clouds, and between clouds and the ground. We see this electric

  • What is a Tsunami? what causes a Tsunami?

    What is a Tsunami? what causes a Tsunami?0

    Coastal regions all over the world fear tsunamis for their suddenness and devastating impact on life and property. So what are the facts behind this fearsome phenomenon known as tsunami? Definition of tsunami Tsunami is a Japanese word which means harbour (tsu) wave (nami) that is now used all over the world to describe super

  • What is gravity?

    What is gravity?0

    Have you ever wondered what stops you from floating away from the earth’s surface? This is all because of a force called gravity. Let’s find out how gravity works! The definition of gravity: The gravity definition can be explained by saying that gravity is the natural (not made by man) force, that a celestial body

  • What causes earthquakes?

    What causes earthquakes?0

    Have you ever felt a tremor as the earth moved under your feet? It might have been a heavy truck of a stampede of cattle going by, but maybe, just maybe you felt an earthquake. Quakes happen much more often than you might think, although if you’ve ever felt a big earthquake you definitely wouldn’t