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  • How much salt is in the oceans?

    How much salt is in the oceans?0

    If you’ve ever taken a mouth full of seawater, you already know that the oceans are very salty. About 70% of our planet is covered by water, and most of that water is contained in the world’s oceans. That’s a lot of salty water! But have you ever wondered how much salt is in the

  • Ocean Extreme

    Ocean Extreme0

    If you’ve ever seen an ocean, you would have seen that the surface of an ocean isn’t still. It’s covered by waves. Some waves can be small ripples, and some can be large, crashing walls of water. Some waves are slow and gentle, but some waves can travel very quickly. How fast do you think

  • Did you know that tropical sand is made from fish poop?

    Did you know that tropical sand is made from fish poop?0

    Pictures and paintings of beautiful tropical beaches usually show gentle blue waves lapping at brilliant white sands. But did you know that much of that sand actually comes from fish poop? White coral sands are actually made from the remains of coral skeletons. Coral is an animal closely related to anemones and jellyfish, but unlike

  • Mysteries of the Deep

    Mysteries of the Deep0

    Hey kids, what do you think is the most unexplored part of our planet? It’s not the depths of the rainforest. It’s not the burning deserts. It’s not even the frozen Arctic waste. The most unexplored parts of our planet are our oceans! We’re just beginning to realize what kind of incredible mysteries are hidden