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  • All you need to know about metric conversion

    All you need to know about metric conversion0

    If you’ve ever been frazzled trying to think about how to convert American or Imperial measurements into metric, you’re not alone. In 1999, some of the brightest people in the world working at NASA managed to crash the Mars Climate Orbiter into the red planet, all because of confusion between traditional units and metric. Well,

  • Cooking up Chemistry in the Kitchen!

    Cooking up Chemistry in the Kitchen!0

    Hey kids, when most people hear the word “chemistry”, they think of creepy laboratories with bubbling beakers of toxic goo. But chemistry can happen any time two different things react together to make something new, and there are fun science experiments that you can do right in your kitchen! Experiment 1: Magic Mud All you

  • Playing with Electricity: Fun Experiments to do at Home

    Playing with Electricity: Fun Experiments to do at Home0

    Everyone knows it’s dangerous to play with electricity. If a strong enough electrical current runs through your body, it can overpower the electrical messages your body sends to your brain, or even stop your heart! Fortunately, kids science has some easy elementary science experiments you can do that are safe to try at home. Experiment

  • Making Waves with Sound

    Making Waves with Sound0

    Hey kids, have you ever wondered why you hear thunder after you see lightning? Or why the horn on a car sounds different when it’s coming toward you than when it’s moving away? Or why things sound different under water? It all has to do with sound waves! Anything that vibrates makes a sound. Try

  • Shocking story of electricity

    Shocking story of electricity2

    Hey kids, have you ever watched lightning in the sky at night, or gotten zapped when you touched a metal door? Those are two shocking examples of electricity! Elementary science teaches us that everything in the world is made up of tiny particles called atoms. An atom is made up of a hard core, called