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Inspiring interest in Science

Science is the torch that illuminates the world. Science is about Life around us, within us, above us and beyond us. Even knowing a little of the science behind ordinary occurrences in nature enriches us immensely. We want to enrich every common person and kindle interest to explore Science even further.

We provide trustable answers and authentic explanations for many simple questions and natural happenings in the realm of Science

Elementary questions. Expert Answers.

As Albert Einstein said, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.” For us, no question is a dumb question. We have covered many elementary questions that kids ask and adults wish they had answers for. Our experts have answered them in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

Simple explanations that kids can follow

Our goal is to explain the science ideas clearly by providing simple explanations and using simple language that even kids can understand these ideas very clearly. “Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding” – Brian Green.

Content that sparks off wonder & amazement

We cover fascinating science fun facts, interesting science discoveries and intriguing science concepts. We explain natural happenings through a science lens that will leave you with wonder and amazement.

Reliable and well researched

We do the hard work of ensuring that the content is authentic, well researched and appropriately presented so you don’t have to go hopping to multiple sites looking around for better answers.

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Frequently asked questions

Editor's favourites

  • How are you different from other sites?

    While there are many science based sites covering advanced ideas, concepts and breaking news, our focus is on going back to the basics and asking the kind of questions we asked when we were young. If the earth is round and spinning, why is it that we are not falling off? How does rain fall from the sky? What causes an earth quake? What is the actual colour of the sky? These are the kind of questions we grew up asking. We want to explain this in a way that is easy to understand by any fifth grader or even any non-science person. Our quest covers everything from the microcosm to macrocosm, from outer space to inner space inside atoms. While the questions may appear simple on the surface, it takes effort to explain the underlying ideas and complex concepts in an easy to understand manner. That’s what we want to be good at.

  • For whom is this site targeted?

    Like Carl Sagan said, “Science is a way of thinking much more than a body of knowledge”. We also see it as a way of thinking, a way by which we expand our awareness around how this planet works, how our life functions and how the ecosystem operates. We don’t see Science as just another subject. It is a fascinating viewfinder through which we see the whole world and beyond. So anyone curious about discovering fascinating science facts, looking for simple answers to curious science questions and wanting to understand the science behind natural occurrences will find this site useful. The content is presented in a kid friendly way but it is not confined to kids. Everyone from parents, teachers to kids will find value in the content presented here.

  • I have more questions? Will you get them answered?

    We want to cover a lot more and our Q&A bank is growing. While there are innumerable aspects in Science to explore, we look at the most commonly asked fundamental questions that have been asked time and time again and try to answer them in a fresh perspective. So if you have some interesting questions and want them covered as future articles, do send us a message. We will review it with care and include it as a future post if it will be helpful to others.

  • I want to write for you? What should I do?

    We are looking for good writers who are passionate about writing on science and technology topics. So do get in touch with us with your profile and some sample work to evaluate. We will positively revert if your profile and samples are impressive.

  • How do you select your writers?

    We carefully screen writers and only engage with those who have a background in science, have a passion to write on science topics, have good command over the language, and have an engaging writing style appropriate for our target audience. Our screening process is rigorous and we will engage only with writers who have measured up to the expected level of competence.

  • What is Science Score site all about?

    Science Score is a game blended elearning portal targeted at upper elementary (Upper primary) kids in the ages between 8 years – 13 years. Children get to do fun animated science quizzes (that will also help them do well in school exams), learn from carefully picked educative videos, and play in virtual world (using avatar and pets) using the rewards earned from the quizzes they answer. This site is supported and maintained by Science Score team. To know more visit www.sciencescore.com

  • This teaser of NEW HORIZON’s mission to Pluto will enthrall you
    This teaser of NEW HORIZON’s mission to Pluto will enthrall you

    NASA’s New Horizons space craft that embarked on an ambitious mission 10 years ago will finally reach Pluto on July 14, 2015. For the first time in human history, we will get first hand glimpse of the surface of Pluto and other valuable data about this dwarf planet in hi-res images beamed back by this

  • Who invented basket ball ?
    Who invented basket ball ?

    Run, bounce the ball, jump, fly through the air, and shoot the ball through the hoop! Basketball is a fun game to play and it is very enjoyable to watch. Dr. James Naismith was the person responsible for inventing this wonderful, action-filled sport in 1891. History about basketball: The first basketball hoops that were used

  • What does the pancreas do?
    What does the pancreas do?

    The pancreas is two glands in your body, but where is the pancreas located? The pancreas is found in your abdomen (belly) behind your stomach, where it is connected to the top part of your small intestines. The pancreas forms an important part of the endocrine (hormonal) system in the body, because it makes an