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  • What does the pancreas do?

    What does the pancreas do?0

    The pancreas is two glands in your body, but where is the pancreas located? The pancreas is found in your abdomen (belly) behind your stomach, where it is connected to the top part of your small intestines. The pancreas forms an important part of the endocrine (hormonal) system in the body, because it makes an

  • How long do cats,dogs, elphants and other animals live?

    How long do cats,dogs, elphants and other animals live?0

    People are living longer and longer these days. Thanks to constant improvements in health care and public safety, our expected lifespans have continued to increase over the thousands of years of human history. For example, people in England in the Middle Ages had an average life expectancy of only 38 years, while today the world’s

  • Why do cats purr ?

    Why do cats purr ?0

    If you have a pet cat, you would know already that cats purr when being cuddled, stroked or petted by people they like. If your cat has ever had kittens, you would also know that cats and kittens purr very sweetly when nursing. Do you know that cats also purr when in distress or pain,

  • what causes heartburn ?

    what causes heartburn ?0

    Have you ever experienced heartburn? When you have heartburn, your heart is not really burning although it might feel like it. So, what is heartburn exactly? A person can experience heartburn when their stomach acid flows back into their gullet. A gullet is the food pipe in which food goes from the mouth to the

  • what causes headache?

    what causes headache?0

    We have all experienced some kind of headache somewhere in our lives. The pain in your head might have been sharp, dull, throbbing and enough to make you want to bang your head against a wall (although this might just make things worse). You can experience different types of headaches, each one caused by lots

  • What is metabolism?

    What is metabolism?0

    Before we define metabolism let’s talk about the word “metabolism” that comes from the Greek word metabol? (meaning change). When we eat, the food in our bodies are broken down so that energy can be produced and that new broken down molecules can help to maintain and build new molecules and tissue in your body.


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