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  • What is pollution?

    What is pollution?0

    Going by definition, pollution is introduction of man made or nature-made contaminants into a natural environment. However to really understand what’s pollution and how it affects us, we first have to know what’s environment and realize our place in it. Environment and Pollution Our environment is the sum total of all natural things such as

  • What is the green house effect?

    What is the green house effect?0

    Have you ever heard about the greenhouse effect? A greenhouse is a house that is specially made for plants to grow in. It is usually made up from glass or a see-through material so that the rays of the sun can get into the greenhouse for plants to photosynthesize (the process where plants make their

  • What is a Tornado? What causes Tornadoes?

    What is a Tornado? What causes Tornadoes?0

    Tornado, twister, waterspout, cyclone – these are all names for one of weather’s fiercest and most destructive phenomena. Tornados can come in different sizes and levels of intensity, but one thing is for sure – you don’t want to get in the way of one! Their strong winds can rip up anything in their path,