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  • What is the smartest kind of bird?

    What is the smartest kind of bird?0

    Two hundred years ago, people used to think that humans were the smartest animals because we were the only ones who used tools. Then scientists discovered that chimpanzees and other primates used them too. But few people expected to discover a species of bird that uses tools too! What do you think the smartest birds

  • What animals are great interior decorators?

    What animals are great interior decorators?0

    If you walk through a forest in Australia or New Guinea, you might stumble across a remarkable sight: a tiny home, built of sticks and thatch, and filled with piles of carefully arranged, bright treasures. It’s not the home of an elf or a magical creature, it’s actually the home of a very special bird!

  • What does “eagle-eyed” really mean?

    What does “eagle-eyed” really mean?0

    If you’ve ever been to the top of a very tall building, you might have looked down at the tiny people below and wondered who they might be. But if an eagle looked down at those same people, it would be able to see their faces! Eagles have incredible eyesight. Part of what makes an


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