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  • The World’s Longest Insect

    The World’s Longest Insect0

    When you think of insects, most people think of tiny flies or buzzing bees. But not all insects are small. Some of them are massive! The longest insect in the world is one of a newly-discovered species of stick insect called “Chan’s megastick”. At 56 centimetres, as long as your arm, it set a new

  • Powerful as a Pistol

    Powerful as a Pistol0

    In the warm, shallow waters of tropical seas lives a tiny crustacean with a remarkably powerful weapon. The pistol shrimp is a very pretty shrimp. It’s striped like a tiger and about 2 cm long, but it has one enlarged claw that packs a serious punch. When the shrimp is stalking its prey, it snaps

  • What are the biggest cave-dwelling animals?

    What are the biggest cave-dwelling animals?0

    If someone asked you to name the biggest animal that lives in caves, what would you say? A large bat? A sleeping bear? Not even close! The largest cave-dwelling animals are the Kitum Cave elephants of Mount Elgon in Kenya! The elephants live around the slopes of Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano in Kenya. Unlike

  • Ocean Extreme

    Ocean Extreme0

    If you’ve ever seen an ocean, you would have seen that the surface of an ocean isn’t still. It’s covered by waves. Some waves can be small ripples, and some can be large, crashing walls of water. Some waves are slow and gentle, but some waves can travel very quickly. How fast do you think

  • Did you know that dust is made from… you?

    Did you know that dust is made from… you?0

    Have you ever wondered why the things on your shelves get dusty even if your windows stay closed? That’s because a lot of dust comes from you! Dust is a mixture of many different things, but one of the main ingredients in dust is human skin cells. Our skin is really important — it keeps

  • How do fish hear?

    How do fish hear?0

    Have you ever wondered why you have to keep very quiet if you want to catch a fish? They don’t have any ears! Actually, fish can hear quite well. Instead of ears opening to the outside of their heads like we have, fish have ear bones called otoliths inside their heads. When a sound wave


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