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  • What does “eagle-eyed” really mean?

    What does “eagle-eyed” really mean?0

    If you’ve ever been to the top of a very tall building, you might have looked down at the tiny people below and wondered who they might be. But if an eagle looked down at those same people, it would be able to see their faces! Eagles have incredible eyesight. Part of what makes an

  • What is the longest lived animal?

    What is the longest lived animal?0

    Four hundred years ago, the world was a very different place. In England, William Shakespeare’s company was performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the first time. In Japan, the Edo period began. And in the cold waters off of Iceland, there lived a simple quahog clam. In 2006, that clam was dredged up by Icelandic

  • Did you know that flamingos eat upside down?

    Did you know that flamingos eat upside down?0

    If you’ve ever watched flamingoes wading in a stream, you might have noticed that they spend a lot of time with their heads in the water. That’s because flamingoes actually eat upside down! If you look at most birds, they have a large upper beak that’s fixed in place, and a smaller lower beak that


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