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  • Why Are Man hole Covers Round ?

    Why Are Man hole Covers Round ?0

    This may seem like a pretty strange question in general, but imagine coming across it on a test or an interview! You’re under pressure, trying your hardest to think and prove your intelligence, and then this is the next question you have to deal with – “Why are manhole covers round?”! What would you do?

  • What temperature does water boil?

    What temperature does water boil?0

    While making (or watching someone make) coffee or tea or cooking rice or boiling eggs, you must have seen water boiling. What happens when water boils? It bubbles and turns into steam which then rises from the surface of boiling water and disappears into air. If you keep on heating the water, ultimately your boiling

  • Why does ice float?

    Why does ice float?0

    Water is something we can’t get away from. It’s in our bodies, in our environment, in our weather, and in our drinks. It’s hands down the most familiar liquid that most of us know, and we also see it in solid form (ice) and feel the effects of its gas form (water vapour or steam)