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  • Which group of fish are sex-changing farmers?

    Which group of fish are sex-changing farmers?0

    Coral reefs are incredibly complicated ecosystems. Even though coral reefs take up less than 1% of the ocean, and yet they contain over a quarter of life in the ocean! They are so many species living in coral reefs that they have earned the name “rainforests of the sea.” One important component of many coral

  • Which horse is the size of a pea?

    Which horse is the size of a pea?0

    In the waters near Derawan Island off Kalimantan in Indonesia, scientists have made a remarkable discovery: a tiny horse no bigger than a pea! But it’s not the kind of horse with hooves. It’s actually a seahorse! The tiny seahorse is only 13 milimetres long, and has been given the name of “Satomi’s pygmy seahorse”,

  • Which insects are  food for astronauts?

    Which insects are food for astronauts?0

    If you’ve ever felt silk, you know that it’s a lovely, light, soft fabric. But did you know that silk actually comes from a caterpillar? Silkworm moths are a bit like cows – they don’t exist in the wild, and can’t survive there because they can’t fly or eat. Instead, they are farmed by humans

  • Which insects work for museums?

    Which insects work for museums?0

    Have you ever looked at the thousands of bones on display at a museum and wondered how the museum scientists managed to clean them all? The truth is, if the scientints had to clean all the bones in a museum by hand, nothing would ever be ready to display. Fortunately, the scientists have some helpers

  • Which mammal has the longest tongue?

    Which mammal has the longest tongue?0

    Try sticking out your tongue as far as it can go. Can you touch your chin with it? How about your nose? Some people can! Can you touch your ears with it? An anteater could clean its ears with its tongue. But there is one mammal who has an even longer tongue than that! The

  • Which mammals have no teeth?

    Which mammals have no teeth?1

    Out of all the mammals on earth, there are only two groups that don’t grow any teeth: pangolins and anteaters. Because they don’t have any teeth, they have no way to chew their food. Fortunately, both groups of animals don’t need to chew. Instead, they have long sticky tongues for capturing ants and other insects!

  • Which ocean animal makes its own fishing nets?

    Which ocean animal makes its own fishing nets?0

    Imagine that you’re out on a boat, watching a clear, calm ocean before you. Suddenly, the surface of the ocean is disturbed by movement. It looks like bubbles are coming to the surface. Then, like a dance, a dozen humpback whales break the surface at once! This happens often in the wild, and it’s because

  • Which plant flowers itself to death?

    Which plant flowers itself to death?0

    Flowers are one of the most beautiful things found in nature. They add splashes of colour to a garden and often perfume the air with sweetness. But what are flowers actually for? Flowers are what trees need in order to reproduce. It’s hard to tell, but plants actually have male and female parts. In order

  • Which primate jumps the farthest?

    Which primate jumps the farthest?0

    The current world record for the long jump is held by Mike Powell from the USA, who jumped 29.4 feet in 1968. That’s about 5 times the length of an average human man. That’s pretty far! But there is another member of the primate family that can leave that record in the dust. An African