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  • why are flowers so colorful?

    why are flowers so colorful?0

    Have you ever wondered why flowers come in so many colours? It’s because bright colours help attract pollinators – small insects, mammals, or birds that can pick up a flower’s pollen and help spread it around. Without pollinators, flowers couldn’t reproduce, and we wouldn’t have many of the flowers and fruits that we enjoy today.

  • Why do camels have long eyelashes?

    Why do camels have long eyelashes?0

    It’s hard to find an animal better suited to its environment than a camel: almost every feature on a camel’s body is designed to help it survive in the harsh conditions of the desert. There are two kinds of camel: the one-humped dromedary, and the two-humped Bactrian camel. Contrary to what most people believe, the

  • Why do cats land on their feet?

    Why do cats land on their feet?0

    It’s actually a myth that cats always land on their feet; some of them can be downright clumsy. But it is true that cats are very good at landing on their feet, and through the use of slow motion cameras, scientists have been able to figure out why. The key to a cat’s amazing balance

  • Why do Elephants Have Such Big Ears?

    Why do Elephants Have Such Big Ears?0

    Elephants are animals that definitely stand out above the crowd. They are the largest land animals, and they are famous for their useful trunks, which can be used for smelling, digging, communicating with other elephants, and picking up food and water. But trunks aside, two things that really make the elephant stand out are its

  • Why do pigeons bob their heads?

    Why do pigeons bob their heads?0

    Have you ever watched a pigeon walk? As they move, their heads bob up and down. Scientists have a few theories about why they do this, but the most popular one has to do with how pigeons see! Try this: hold your hand out straight in front of you. Now close your left eye and

  • Why does our breath stink in the morning?

    Why does our breath stink in the morning?0

    Have you ever wondered why, even though you brush your teeth at night, your breath always smells bad in the morning? It’s because bad breath is actually caused by tiny organisms living in your mouth! Bacteria are one of the smallest living things in the world, and our bodies have over a trillion bacteria living