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  • A Romp Through a Rainforest

    A Romp Through a Rainforest0

    Hey kids, do you know where you can find more living things in one place than anywhere else in the world? In a tropical rainforest! Rainforests are exactly what their name suggests: warm, dense forests that are very wet.Tropical rainforests are found close to the Earth’s equator, and they are home to millions of plant

  • Mysteries of the Deep

    Mysteries of the Deep0

    Hey kids, what do you think is the most unexplored part of our planet? It’s not the depths of the rainforest. It’s not the burning deserts. It’s not even the frozen Arctic waste. The most unexplored parts of our planet are our oceans! We’re just beginning to realize what kind of incredible mysteries are hidden

  • Playing with Electricity: Fun Experiments to do at Home

    Playing with Electricity: Fun Experiments to do at Home0

    Everyone knows it’s dangerous to play with electricity. If a strong enough electrical current runs through your body, it can overpower the electrical messages your body sends to your brain, or even stop your heart! Fortunately, kids science has some easy elementary science experiments you can do that are safe to try at home. Experiment


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