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  • Scaly Surprises: The Secrets of Snakes

    Scaly Surprises: The Secrets of Snakes0

    Hey kids, close your eyes for a moment and imagine that your arms are stuck to your sides and your legs are stuck together. Imagine that you have no ears, and that you smell with your tongue. And imagine that your entire body is covered with fingernails. Seems strange, doesn’t it? Now you know what

  • Making Waves with Sound

    Making Waves with Sound0

    Hey kids, have you ever wondered why you hear thunder after you see lightning? Or why the horn on a car sounds different when it’s coming toward you than when it’s moving away? Or why things sound different under water? It all has to do with sound waves! Anything that vibrates makes a sound. Try

  • Spectacular Spinners

    Spectacular Spinners0

    Hey kids, can you think of something an animal makse that can stretch 1½ times its original size, is incredibly lightweight, and is stronger that steel? The answer is spider silk! Spiders are amazing animals. Although there is one vegetarian species of spider we know of, most spiders are deadly predators. They stalk prey on

  • The World’s Strongest Animal!

    The World’s Strongest Animal!0

    Hey kids, if you held a contest to find the strongest animal in the world, who do you think the winner would be? Would it be an elephant? Or maybe a giant squid? If we made all the animals the same size to make it a fair contest, the winner is an animal that can

  • Amazing life of bees

    Amazing life of bees0

    Hey kids, do you have any brothers and sisters? Imagine living in a house crammed wall-to-wall with thousands of your sisters, and you have a bit of an idea of what it’s like to be a honey bee. A working bee hive in the summer can be filled with thousands of bees, and if you

  • Tale of Two Mummies

    Tale of Two Mummies0

    Some people think of mummies as scary monsters, but kids science knows better. A mummy is actually any body that has been dried out; this can happen in ice, in acid bogs, and in the desert. By using science to study these ancient bodies, we can learn the stories of people who lived thousands of


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