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  • What is protein?

    What is protein?0

    Did you know that proteins are the building blocks of life? Proteins are big molecules that make all the tissue in your body. What exactly does it mean when we say “tissue”? It is all the types of material that your body and the bodies of plants, animals, are made of. What is a protein

  • What is an atom?

    What is an atom?0

    What would happen if you took a piece of anything – gold, for example – and kept cutting it in half and half again, into smaller and smaller pieces? It would make sense to think that at some point you wouldn’t be able to cut it anymore. Then you’d be left with the smallest piece

  • What is a virus?

    What is a virus?0

    The thought of the word “Virus” is scary! We all know that a virus makes you feel sick. Have you ever wondered what a virus really is? What is this tiny “thing” that is invisible to your naked eye and gets into your body to give you chicken pox or measles? A virus is just

  • What is DNA?

    What is DNA?0

    Once upon a time you were incredibly tiny. In fact, you were made of just one very small cell. The amazing thing about that very small cell was that all the instructions to make you were hidden inside it. All because of a very important molecule, called DNA. DNA Definition, understanding what DNA does and