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  • what causes heartburn ?

    what causes heartburn ?0

    Have you ever experienced heartburn? When you have heartburn, your heart is not really burning although it might feel like it. So, what is heartburn exactly? A person can experience heartburn when their stomach acid flows back into their gullet. A gullet is the food pipe in which food goes from the mouth to the

  • What is Solar Energy ?

    What is Solar Energy ?0

    Solar (in Latin, solar means sun) powered gadgets like solar cookers and dryers, solar water heaters, solar cell phone chargers, solar calculators and solar emergency lights etc. are very popular nowadays. Do you know there are gadgets such as solar air conditioners and solar chimneys too? In fact there are full solar power plants too.

  • How do magnets work ?

    How do magnets work ?0

    Magic or Magnetism Magnets are incredible. Some can hold up trains. Others help to store all the files on your computer’s hard disk. And some just stick notes and photos to your fridge. If you don’t know how magnets work, their abilities seem nothing short of magical! However, in this article we’ll reveal the science

  • what causes headache?

    what causes headache?0

    We have all experienced some kind of headache somewhere in our lives. The pain in your head might have been sharp, dull, throbbing and enough to make you want to bang your head against a wall (although this might just make things worse). You can experience different types of headaches, each one caused by lots

  • Why Are Man hole Covers Round ?

    Why Are Man hole Covers Round ?0

    This may seem like a pretty strange question in general, but imagine coming across it on a test or an interview! You’re under pressure, trying your hardest to think and prove your intelligence, and then this is the next question you have to deal with – “Why are manhole covers round?”! What would you do?

  • What temperature does water boil?

    What temperature does water boil?0

    While making (or watching someone make) coffee or tea or cooking rice or boiling eggs, you must have seen water boiling. What happens when water boils? It bubbles and turns into steam which then rises from the surface of boiling water and disappears into air. If you keep on heating the water, ultimately your boiling


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