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  • What causes acid rain?

    What causes acid rain?0

    Let’s have a look at what causes acid rain. Damaged buildings, dying plants and fish – These are some of the acid rain effects! But do you know what acid rain is? It is rain or any other participates from the atmosphere such as fog, mist, hale or snow that is more acidic than normal

  • Why is Pluto not a planet?

    Why is Pluto not a planet?2

    How many planets are there in our solar system? Did you answer 9? Hmm, that’s strange, because according to the International Astronomical Union, there are only 8 planets in the solar system. Are we sure? Well, let’ count them: 1: Mercury, 2: Venus, 3: Earth (our favourite!), 4: Mars, 5:Jupiter, 6: Saturn, 7: Uranus, 8:

  • What causes lightning?

    What causes lightning?0

    Lightning is bright and lightning is fast, when you blink the lightning bolt has already past. Before we look at what causes lightning, let’s first think about the question “what is lightning?” Lightning is an electric current that can form inside thunder clouds, between clouds, and between clouds and the ground. We see this electric

  • What is pollution?

    What is pollution?0

    Going by definition, pollution is introduction of man made or nature-made contaminants into a natural environment. However to really understand what’s pollution and how it affects us, we first have to know what’s environment and realize our place in it. Environment and Pollution Our environment is the sum total of all natural things such as

  • What is metabolism?

    What is metabolism?0

    Before we define metabolism let’s talk about the word “metabolism” that comes from the Greek word metabol? (meaning change). When we eat, the food in our bodies are broken down so that energy can be produced and that new broken down molecules can help to maintain and build new molecules and tissue in your body.

  • Why does ice float?

    Why does ice float?0

    Water is something we can’t get away from. It’s in our bodies, in our environment, in our weather, and in our drinks. It’s hands down the most familiar liquid that most of us know, and we also see it in solid form (ice) and feel the effects of its gas form (water vapour or steam)


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