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  • Why do Elephants Have Such Big Ears?

    Why do Elephants Have Such Big Ears?0

    Elephants are animals that definitely stand out above the crowd. They are the largest land animals, and they are famous for their useful trunks, which can be used for smelling, digging, communicating with other elephants, and picking up food and water. But trunks aside, two things that really make the elephant stand out are its

  • Facinating animal facts – Elephants

    Facinating animal facts – Elephants0

    If you are big and you eat food equivalent to six to eight percent of your body weight and sleep while standing, then you may call yourself as a little elephy….. Babies suck their thumbs while baby elephants suck their trunks… The young elephant calves suckle with their mouth and not their trunk. Did you


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