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  • Did you know that your blood is green underwater?

    Did you know that your blood is green underwater?2

    If you cut yourself (or spear a fish) underwater, the cut bleeds a bright emerald green. But as you draw closer to the surface, the blood turns brown, then pink, and finally red at the surface. Why does it change colour? In fact, the blood doesn’t change colour at all. What changes is the light

  • Does everyone have red blood?

    Does everyone have red blood?0

    Have you ever watched someone give blood? It’s an important job – blood only does a patient any good if the cells are still alive. That means that when you donate blood, you’re giving a part of yourself that’s still alive to somebody else! So what makes up the living soup called blood? Most of

  • Blood is a Battlefield

    Blood is a Battlefield0

    Have you ever pricked your finger and looked at the drop of blood that forms? In that one tiny drop of blood, there are thousands of living cells, and some of those cells are locked in a fight to the death! Our bodies are made up of trillions of tiny living building blocks called cells.


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