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  • Why do cats purr ?

    Why do cats purr ?0

    If you have a pet cat, you would know already that cats purr when being cuddled, stroked or petted by people they like. If your cat has ever had kittens, you would also know that cats and kittens purr very sweetly when nursing. Do you know that cats also purr when in distress or pain,

  • Did you know that male cats are left handed?

    Did you know that male cats are left handed?0

    For many years, people have wondered what causes people to be left-handed. Several bizarre theories have come and gone over the centuries, from the medieval notion that left-handed people were posessed by demons to more modern day theories that a left-handed person is one-half of a set of twins, and the second twin was reabsorbed

  • Why do cats land on their feet?

    Why do cats land on their feet?0

    It’s actually a myth that cats always land on their feet; some of them can be downright clumsy. But it is true that cats are very good at landing on their feet, and through the use of slow motion cameras, scientists have been able to figure out why. The key to a cat’s amazing balance


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