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  • Why do we yawn?

    Why do we yawn?0

    Everyone yawns every day, and that too, quite a few times a day. We do know that boredom, tiredness, drowsiness and seeing others yawn makes us yawn. Still scientists do not know for sure just why nature gave us this funny habit in the first place. What happens during yawning Quite a lot of things

  • Why is the sky blue?

    Why is the sky blue?0

    One of the most popular questions in the world, and one that leaves mothers and fathers scratching their heads, has got to be “Why is the sky blue?” The truth is that the sky changes colors in different places and at different times. At night, it’s black with shiny specks, sunrise and sunset can show

  • What is a Tornado? What causes Tornadoes?

    What is a Tornado? What causes Tornadoes?0

    Tornado, twister, waterspout, cyclone – these are all names for one of weather’s fiercest and most destructive phenomena. Tornados can come in different sizes and levels of intensity, but one thing is for sure – you don’t want to get in the way of one! Their strong winds can rip up anything in their path,


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