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  • What is bacteria?

    What is bacteria?0

    Swimming, floating and microscopically small…they are everywhere! Even in the deepest sea vent and in boiling hot water springs. Do you know what bacteria are? Sometimes we ask “what is bacteria?”, but bacteria is actually a plural (more than one) of bacterium (one bacteria). Bacteria are microorganisms (too small to see with your naked eye)

  • What is a Tsunami? what causes a Tsunami?

    What is a Tsunami? what causes a Tsunami?0

    Coastal regions all over the world fear tsunamis for their suddenness and devastating impact on life and property. So what are the facts behind this fearsome phenomenon known as tsunami? Definition of tsunami Tsunami is a Japanese word which means harbour (tsu) wave (nami) that is now used all over the world to describe super

  • What are enzymes?

    What are enzymes?0

    You must be wondering what on earth an enzyme must be! An enzyme is a special type of protein. This leads us to another question: What is a protein? A protein is a large molecule that is made from amino acids (molecules that are made up of smaller organic molecules such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon

  • What is the green house effect?

    What is the green house effect?0

    Have you ever heard about the greenhouse effect? A greenhouse is a house that is specially made for plants to grow in. It is usually made up from glass or a see-through material so that the rays of the sun can get into the greenhouse for plants to photosynthesize (the process where plants make their

  • Why do we dream?

    Why do we dream?0

    Ever had a dream that seemed so very real that when you finally woke up it was difficult to believe that it had not happened for real? Or a nightmare that you were only too thankful to wake up from? Don’t be surprised, such dreams come to all of us. Dreams have been fascinating human

  • What is protein?

    What is protein?0

    Did you know that proteins are the building blocks of life? Proteins are big molecules that make all the tissue in your body. What exactly does it mean when we say “tissue”? It is all the types of material that your body and the bodies of plants, animals, are made of. What is a protein


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