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  • What is DNA?

    What is DNA?0

    Once upon a time you were incredibly tiny. In fact, you were made of just one very small cell. The amazing thing about that very small cell was that all the instructions to make you were hidden inside it. All because of a very important molecule, called DNA. DNA Definition, understanding what DNA does and

  • How many calories should I eat a day?

    How many calories should I eat a day?0

    Before we discuss how many calories one should eat in a day, we need to know what a calorie actually is. Apparently all foods have calories. You may have seen nutritional information on packaged foods which contain information like fats, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins etc. Don’t confuse them with the term calories. Calories are not

  • What is radiation?

    What is radiation?0

    Do you know what radiation is? Let’s look at the word “radiation”. We usually say that sound is radiating from the radio or that heat is radiating from a heater. The use of the word “radiation” in these sentences gives us a clue of what radiation is. Let’s look at the definition of radiation so

  • Who invented the cell phone ?

    Who invented the cell phone ?0

    What do you do when someone you know left for the grocery store and you forgot to ask them to get some tomatoes or if you are waiting at the movies and your friends are 30 minutes late? You call or text them on/from a cell phone. In the past you would not have been

  • What causes earthquakes?

    What causes earthquakes?0

    Have you ever felt a tremor as the earth moved under your feet? It might have been a heavy truck of a stampede of cattle going by, but maybe, just maybe you felt an earthquake. Quakes happen much more often than you might think, although if you’ve ever felt a big earthquake you definitely wouldn’t


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