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  • What is the speed of light?

    What is the speed of light?0

    The definition of the speed of light is an important question in physics and one which has only been considered for the past thousand years or so. Ancient philosophers believed that light existed as a type of substance, and that it simply was or was not in a place, but did not move. However, more

  • What is osmosis?

    What is osmosis?0

    Have you ever heard about the term “osmosis”? Let’s find out more about this strange word, so that you can tell your friends all about it! Diffusion and osmosis: Before I can begin to tell you about osmosis, you first have to ask yourself the question: What is diffusion? Diffusion is the random movement of

  • What is an atom?

    What is an atom?0

    What would happen if you took a piece of anything – gold, for example – and kept cutting it in half and half again, into smaller and smaller pieces? It would make sense to think that at some point you wouldn’t be able to cut it anymore. Then you’d be left with the smallest piece

  • How to calculate BMI ?

    How to calculate BMI ?0

    Your body needs a reasonable quantity of fat in it to stay healthy. However, if this quantity of fat in body dips too low or zooms too high, it can lead to health problems of various kinds. Therefore maintaining just the right amount of body fat is an essential part of self health care. There

  • What is gravity?

    What is gravity?0

    Have you ever wondered what stops you from floating away from the earth’s surface? This is all because of a force called gravity. Let’s find out how gravity works! The definition of gravity: The gravity definition can be explained by saying that gravity is the natural (not made by man) force, that a celestial body

  • What is a virus?

    What is a virus?0

    The thought of the word “Virus” is scary! We all know that a virus makes you feel sick. Have you ever wondered what a virus really is? What is this tiny “thing” that is invisible to your naked eye and gets into your body to give you chicken pox or measles? A virus is just


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