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  • How to calculate BMI ?

    How to calculate BMI ?0

    Your body needs a reasonable quantity of fat in it to stay healthy. However, if this quantity of fat in body dips too low or zooms too high, it can lead to health problems of various kinds. Therefore maintaining just the right amount of body fat is an essential part of self health care. There

  • What is a virus?

    What is a virus?0

    The thought of the word “Virus” is scary! We all know that a virus makes you feel sick. Have you ever wondered what a virus really is? What is this tiny “thing” that is invisible to your naked eye and gets into your body to give you chicken pox or measles? A virus is just

  • Why do we yawn?

    Why do we yawn?0

    Everyone yawns every day, and that too, quite a few times a day. We do know that boredom, tiredness, drowsiness and seeing others yawn makes us yawn. Still scientists do not know for sure just why nature gave us this funny habit in the first place. What happens during yawning Quite a lot of things

  • What Causes Hiccups ?0

    Ever tried stopping a bout of hiccups? If you have, you would know that hiccups go away when they jolly well wish to, not when you order them to. A hiccup (or a singultus, to call it by its proper medical name) is an involuntarily or reflex action happening inside your body. You cannot control,

  • What is DNA?

    What is DNA?0

    Once upon a time you were incredibly tiny. In fact, you were made of just one very small cell. The amazing thing about that very small cell was that all the instructions to make you were hidden inside it. All because of a very important molecule, called DNA. DNA Definition, understanding what DNA does and

  • How many calories should I eat a day?

    How many calories should I eat a day?0

    Before we discuss how many calories one should eat in a day, we need to know what a calorie actually is. Apparently all foods have calories. You may have seen nutritional information on packaged foods which contain information like fats, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins etc. Don’t confuse them with the term calories. Calories are not


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